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Zoo Admissions Workers Unite Under Teamsters Local 117 for Enhanced Worker Rights


Michael Chen

March 14, 2024 - 21:45 pm


Unionization Triumph: Woodland Park Zoo Admissions Staff Join Teamsters Local 117

In the scenic City of Tukwila, Washington, a significant development unfolded at the venerated Woodland Park Zoo on March 14, 2024. On the preceding Wednesday, a vote that was to chart a new course for the admissions department took place. In what could only be described as a unanimous decision, 29 dedicated workers—comprising ticketing and membership associates as well as guest services associates—resolved to align themselves with Teamsters Local 117. This act of solidarity was not only a testament to their collective resolve but also bridged them to approximately 100 zoo workers who were already under the banner of Teamsters, including roles as varied as animal keepers, educators, veterinary technicians, animal diet specialists, and warehousers.

"We are thrilled to welcome the zoo's admissions workers to our union," announced Paul Dascher, who holds the pivotal role of Secretary-Treasurer at Local 117. Underlining the importance of Woodland Park Zoo as one of Seattle's premier destinations for both locals and travelers, Mr. Dascher recognized the unwavering commitment of the members to ensure that the zoo served as a site of memorable and instructional visits. He went on to express that all employees performing their duties at this zoological haven are duly deserving of the might and dignity that are the hallmarks of a Teamsters contract.

In the four months that led up to this defining vote, admissions workers were far from idle. They engaged in weekly congregations, each meeting a step forward in shaping and fortifying a successful campaign geared towards unionization. These admissions workers are the unsung heroes behind the enriching experiences of every guest to the zoo. Day in, day out, their efforts are central to satisfying zoo members and first-time visitors alike, as they tackle an array of questions and cater to accessibility needs without fail.

"I see how hard we work to keep the zoo running with little to no acknowledgment," proclaimed Rachael Schumacher, a ticketing and membership associate with a commendable five-year tenure at the zoo. Rachael aired the sentiment that she, along with her colleagues, rightly merited recognition and compensation, which had been overdue. With a strong conviction, she emphasized the necessity for representation that spanned beyond their department, echoing across the entire zoo, a goal attainable only through the instrument of unionizing.

Observed through the lens of Katie Savage, a two-year veteran of the admissions department, the team’s cohesion and spirit were a source of pride, especially when she witnessed the return of temporary staff for new seasons. She expressed her pride in the environment and community they've nurtured. "We open the front gate every day and help every single person who enters the zoo. We should have a say in the decision-making in our department," she advocated, reaffirming the unanimous desire amongst her peers for a voice at the decision table.

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The emergence of the admissions department into the fold of Teamsters Local 117 signifies a promising new chapter for the employees at Woodland Park Zoo. By uniting with a strong labor union renowned for championing workers' rights, they stand firm in their quest for recognition, equitable compensation, and involvement in the zoo’s decision-making processes. This momentous occasion has not gone unnoticed as both the local community and supporters beyond celebrate the advancement of labor unity within one of Seattle's beloved institutions.

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In conclusion, the workforce at Woodland Park Zoo is embarking on an unprecedented journey towards gaining a stronger foothold and representation within their place of employment. The passion and diligence of the zoo's admissions teams, now bolstered by the power and solidarity of the Teamsters, mark a pivotal step towards securing the rights and acknowledgment they rightfully deserve as integral parts of one of the most visited and treasured attractions in Seattle. As the community of Woodland Park Zoo transitions through this change, onlookers are keen to see the flourishing of collaborations that will further enhance both the visitor experience and the working environment of the zoo's devoted staff.

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