the trump media surge a vote could yield billions amid legal saga 56


The Trump Media Surge: A Vote Could Yield Billions Amid Legal Saga


Michael Chen

March 9, 2024 - 18:42 pm


Judge Clears Path for Trump Media Merger Vote Amid High Stakes

In a recent development, a Delaware judge declared his decision not to impede an upcoming shareholder vote concerning a merger that could potentially result in a multi-billion-dollar benefit for former President Donald Trump. The awaited vote, set for March 22, involves Trump Media & Technology Group and could signify a considerable financial boon for Mr. Trump.

Former President Donald Trump

Delaware Chancery Court Judge Sam Glasscock III, speaking on a Saturday, conveyed that he would not delay the vote over grievances posited by Trump Media co-founders Andy Litinsky and Wes Moss. The contentions from Litinsky and Moss, who had previously competed on Mr. Trump's television program "The Apprentice" before entering into a business alliance with him to create Trump Media, revolved around fears that Mr. Trump is aiming to dilute their collective 8.6% stake through the merger.

Allege Share Dilution amidst Legal Entanglements

Litinsky and Moss allege that the intention behind increasing the share count is to diminish their holding, consequently paving the way for the generation of resources potentially earmarked to settle substantial legal monetary judgments. Their partnership with Mr. Trump, which once seemed like a promising entrepreneurial venture, now stands at the heart of a financial and legal quandary.

In the legal discourse, Judge Glasscock entertained the possibility that a potential remedy might dissolve the entire concern. If Mr. Trump were to agree to place the additional shares into an escrow account amidst the ongoing dispute, it might render the need for a hearing on the merger prior to the March 22 vote unnecessary. This suggestion emerged during a Zoom call held to address the matter.

Digital World Acquisition Corp's Role in the Merger

Parallel to this dispute is the role of Digital World Acquisition Corp., the special purpose acquisition company, also referred to as a blank-check company, designated to orchestrate the vote. DWAC has previously acquiesced to escrow the contested stock in response to another lawsuit. This separate litigation spearheaded by Patrick Orlando’s ARC Global Investments II criticized the proposed conversion rate of the founder's stake in the merger, postulating that they warrant a more significant portion of shares in the resultant entity. It's worth noting that Orlando is the former CEO of Digital World Acquisition Corp.

A Refusal to Expedite

The intricacies of this multi-part legal situation were also manifested in another judge’s ruling. Judge Lori Will, overseeing the lawsuit involving ARC Global Investments, declined an appeal to expedite proceedings. The judge pointed to the decision to place the disputed shares in escrow as the rationale behind her ruling.

In-Depth Analysis: Trump Media SPAC’s Journey Towards The Merger

To further understand the unfolding litigation and the financial implications of the merger, Bloomberg offers an in-depth analysis. The article titled "Trump Media SPAC Avoids Legal Roadblock on Way to Merger Vote" delves into the particulars of the pending vote and its broader context within the financial landscape.

The Financial Upside For Trump

Digital World's stock has witnessed a surge in value this year. This surge places the valuation of Trump's stakes into the billions, albeit, these valuations remain notional until realized. Nevertheless, this ascendance in stock value harbors the potential to serve as a crucial fiscal reprieve for the erstwhile commander-in-chief. Mr. Trump, who is currently embroiled in numerous legal confrontations, confronts the challenge of addressing hundreds of millions in legal judgments. These include, but are not limited to, the lawsuit led by the state of New York, which targets allegations of fraudulent asset valuations, and the suit by advice columnist E. Jean Carroll which is centered around Mr. Trump's comments concerning her assault allegations.

It's noteworthy that in anticipation of potential legal settlements, Trump posted an almost $92 million surety bond the preceding Friday, perhaps indicating a readiness to tackle these financial litigations head-on.

Case Details

For those seeking specific details of the ongoing litigation, the case involving Litinsky and Moss is officially logged as United Atlantic Ventures v Trump Media, case number 2024-0184 within the legal system of the Delaware Chancery Court located in Georgetown.

In summary, the multifaceted legal proceedings revolving around Trump Media & Technology Group and the resulting business decisions are poised to have far-reaching financial repercussions. As stakeholders and legal parties stand by for the March 22 shareholder vote, the business maneuvers of Mr. Trump once again captivate public attention and the media.

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