dalfen industrial boosts new jersey footprint with cutting edge facility in oakland 56


Dalfen Industrial Boosts New Jersey Footprint with Cutting-Edge Facility in Oakland


Leo Gonzalez

March 20, 2024 - 13:56 pm


Dalfen Industrial Expands New Jersey Footprint with Strategic Acquisition in Oakland

DALLAS, March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Dalfen Industrial, a prominent force within the industrial real estate sector, has recently announced a significant expansion of its footprint with the acquisition of Thornton Logistics Center. This 92,400 square foot state-of-the-art last-mile industrial facility is situated in Oakland, NJ, in the heart of Bergen County – an area renowned for its dense population and leading consumer spending in the United States. Dalfen Industrial capitalized on an exclusive off-market opportunity offered through a collaboration with Jones Lang LaSalle, a global commercial real estate services firm. For more information on Dalfen Industrial, visit their website at

12 Thornton Rd. Oakland, NJ

The Thornton Logistics Center, nestled within the sprawling 1.7 million square foot Oakland Industrial Park, boasts a prime location with immediate routes to key interstate highways such as I-287 and I-80. Its proximity to critical local thoroughfares like Route 202, Route 23, and the Garden State Parkway enhances the property’s appeal by facilitating swift and efficient regional transportation, particularly to and from the bustling Metro area of New York City. The center's design and build favor either a single tenant or multiple occupants, thanks to its rectangular layout, which allows for straightforward logistics operations. It features ample parking for both autos and trucks, a 22-foot clear ceiling height, and an impressive loading dock ratio of one dock per 4,500 square feet. Tenants and visitors to the property currently enjoy the full leasing status of the building.

"The Thornton Logistics Center’s strategic placement, combined with its adaptive design and features, positions it as an exceptional addition to our expanding portfolio in New Jersey," remarked Keith Hontz, Market Officer at Dalfen Industrial. His enthusiasm underscores the value of this adaptive property within the industry. More details about Keith Hontz and his role can be found here.

Adding to the commentary, Mike Cohen, Head of U.S. Acquisitions for Dalfen Industrial, said, "This latest acquisition marks our fourth in Central/Northern New Jersey since May 2023." Mike Cohen’s perspective reflects the company's ambition, as he continues, "In what is undoubtedly among the nation’s most dynamic and contested industrial markets, we at Dalfen are intent on further scaling our portfolio within New Jersey." To explore more on Mike Cohen's insights and initiatives in Dalfen Industrial, visit their leadership page here.

About Dalfen Industrial

Based in Dallas, Dalfen Industrial LLC has cemented its status as one of the nation’s paramount privately-owned industrial real estate companies. The organization is a frontrunner in the ever-evolving last-mile logistics sector. Dalfen's investment strategy is concentrated on urban infill warehouses and strategically positioned distribution buildings that are essential in today's high-speed supply chain landscape. The company's impressive portfolio includes a multi-million square foot array of premier industrial properties scattered across the length and breadth of the United States.

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For readers wishing to garner additional specifics regarding the Thornton Logistics Center and its surroundings, the acquisition has drawn considerable attention in industrial real estate circles for its prime location. The facility is not just geographically advantageous but also stands out architecturally. Its design is particularly conducive to the demands of last-mile delivery services - a crucial component in the logistics and e-commerce sectors. The importance of such strategically located properties is ever-growing, with consumer expectations for rapid delivery times and the relentless growth of online shopping.

In what is a smart move by Dalfen Industrial, the acquisition of Thornton Logistics Center underscores a keen understanding of the market and an adeptness at identifying lucrative investment opportunities. The building's capacity to host single or multi-tenant occupancy delivers exceptional versatility for potential adaptations in the use of space, catering to varying tenant needs. This flexibility becomes a significant selling point, given the fluctuating requirements of businesses in the fast-paced commercial realm.

The building's rectangular layout is not just an aesthetic advantage but serves a highly practical purpose, allowing ease of movement and operation within the space. The interior design supports a range of industrial activities, from storage and warehousing to light assembly and distribution. The auto and truck parking availability addresses a critical need for logistic operations, ensuring there is ample space for vehicle maneuvering and employee parking, thereby streamlining the supply chain process from warehousing to last-mile delivery.

In discussing ceiling height, it’s essential to highlight that the 22-foot clearance is above industry standard for a property of this nature, providing more vertical storage space and the ability to accommodate larger, modern warehousing equipment. Moreover, the loading dock ratio – a pivotal feature in logistics where efficiency is the name of the game – significantly exceeds the typical industry benchmark. This critical aspect of the building design ensures fast and efficient loading and unloading, a boon for tenants seeking to optimize their operations.

The current full lease status of the Thornton Logistics Center is a testament to the building's desirability and the strong demand for industrial spaces within the region. As companies continue to vie for superior logistics and distribution hubs, properties like the Thornton Logistics Center come into sharp focus, leveraging their prime location and design to fulfill the operational needs of present and future tenants.

As Dalfen Industrial solidifies its presence in the vibrant New Jersey market, this acquisition heralds a commitment not only to growth but to strategic discernment in portfolio expansion. The significance that Dalfen places on location and building characteristics aligns seamlessly with the broader trends of the industry, where proximity to major consumer markets and operational flexibility are paramount.

Navigating Through New Jersey's Industrial Landscape

Dalfen’s focused acquisition trail emphasizes their penetration into Central and Northern New Jersey, territories known for their competitive markets due to proximity to the sprawling metropolises of New York and Philadelphia. The region boasts a complex array of transportation infrastructure and a diverse, skilled workforce, both of which are critical factors contributing to regional industrial growth and making New Jersey an attractive hub for logistics companies.

As the industrial landscape continues to evolve, driven by changes in consumer behavior and advancements in logistics technology, companies like Dalfen Industrial are strategically positioning themselves to benefit from this growth. Their focus on last-mile properties is particularly insightful given the expected increase in e-commerce and demand for faster delivery services in the coming years. With each purposeful acquisition, Dalfen demonstrates a commitment to catering to the future needs of commerce and logistics.

Dalfen Industrial's Vision for Growth

Underlying Dalfen Industrial's acquisitions is a vision centered on proactive investment in high-growth urban markets, where last-mile distribution facilities are becoming ever more critical to the efficiency of supply chains. By meticulously scouting properties that offer strategic advantages, Dalfen is positioning itself at the forefront of the industrial real estate market, anticipating the needs of tomorrow's businesses and consumers alike.

The company's Dallas headquarters serves as a hub for its nationwide operations, directing an extensive and strategic portfolio that touches prime industrial zones across the United States. As global trade patterns shift and technology reshapes logistics, the importance of well-located distribution centers is only set to rise. Dalfen Industrial is poised to meet these challenges head-on, thanks to its aggressive expansion strategy and discerning investment approach.

In conclusion, the acquisition of Thornton Logistics Center by Dalfen Industrial is multifaceted in its importance. It signifies not only an expansion of the company’s physical presence within the lucrative New Jersey market but also an affirmation of their keen investment instincts, aligning with industry trends and positioning for the future of logistics and distribution. As the industry continues to advance, Dalfen's growing portfolio sets a dynamic course for the company and its stakeholders.

For those interested in following the advancements of Dalfen Industrial and their influence in the industrial real estate arena, further insights and updates can be accessed directly through their media contact. Please direct all media inquiries via email to the address provided above.

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With the relentless pace of the logistics sector and the vital role played by strategic property acquisitions in bolstering capacity and service quality, Dalfen Industrial’s latest move serves as a blueprint for success within the industry. It will be compelling to watch how this addition to their New Jersey portfolio will propel the company's ambitious goals forward.